The Educational Approaches for Preventing Ethical Corruption in Islam

الأساليب التربوية للوقاية من الفساد الأخلاقي في الإسلام

  • Abdullah Amur Saif al Mamari Ministry of Education, Department of Education, Jinan University, Oman
Keywords: Educational Approaches, Preventing Ethical Corruption, Islam.


The fabric of any good society has always been woven with its virtuous individuals. Islam promulgates moral values in all members of society and bars individuals from indulging in moral corruption. It advocates measures to curb such evils as lying, cheating, betrayal, exploitation, consuming forbidden (haram) things, spreading rumors and others. It also aims to inculcate virtues like patience, forgiveness, reconciliation, restraining anger, being kind and merciful to those who have wronged, helping out the needy and the destitute. This edification is a noble human goal deeply rooted in Islamic thought as Islam is a primarily the religion of peace. Islam presents God as the Benign and Merciful Creator and His last Prophet as Mercy sent for this world and Hereafter.

 The study is divided into two sections: The inculcation of virtuous values and prohibition of moral evils in any society through effective Shariah rulings.

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