Comparative Analysis of Islamic Banking Products in Pakistan and Malaysia

  • Journal Editor Al-Idah Shaykh Zayed Islamic Centre, University of Peshawar
  • Naila Shaista Khan
  • Asad Gul
  • Naimat U. Khan
Keywords: Islamic Banking Products, Document Analysis, Pakistan, Malaysia, Modes of Financing, Trade Financing.


A comparison of the Islamic Banking products offered in the two countries of Pakistan and Malaysia has been discussed in this paper. The research paper uses document analysis to identify different products offered by five full-fledged Islamic banks in Malaysia and Pakistan. It is evident from the research that Islamic banking sector in Pakistan is not tapping its full growth potential as in case of Malaysia. It is also concluded that the trade financing and asset financing products offered by Islamic banks in Malaysia are more diverse than the products offered by its counterparts in Pakistan. The paper gives insight to the Shariah complaint board to introduce new products while learning from the experience of other countries. This research does not focus on investigating the reasons behind these differences; however, it initiates a discourse in this direction.

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Al-Idah, J.E., Naila Shaista Khan, Asad Gul and Naimat U. Khan 2019. Comparative Analysis of Islamic Banking Products in Pakistan and Malaysia. Al-Idah . 36, - 2 (Jun. 2019), 11 - 24.