The Methodology of Authentication/Verification among the Traditionists

المنهج التوثيقي لدى المحدثين

  • Safiullah Wakeel Assistant Professor, Department of Sharia Faculty of Sharia and Law, International Islamic University Islamabad
Keywords: al-Sunnah, al-hadith, methodology, documentation, Muhadithin.


The Hadith scholars have adopted a stern documentation methodology (Tawtheeq Approach) which may be adopted in other fields as well. This documentation is at variance as some deal with the text of Hadith (matn), such as Al-Jawame’, al-Majame, al-Sihah, al-Sunan, al-Masanids, al-musanafat and others while others focus on statement and explanation like Al-Nihayah Fi Gharib al-Hadith wa al-Athar by Muhammad Ibn al-Athir. There are others which emphasizes on Sanad (chain of the narrators of hadith) and mention the biography of the Companions, (May God be pleased with them all) such as: al-isabah fi tamyiz al-sahabah by Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar (May God have mercy on him). Some are related to the criticism of the text (matn) and the chain of the narrators of the Hadith (Sannad) such as the books of illas, and al-Jarh wa al-Ta’dil.

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