Introduction to the Tafsir (Exegesis) 'Aziz al-Tafaseer' by Sheikh Sultan Aziz: A Descriptive and Evaluative Study

التعريف بتفسير (عزيز التفاسير) للشيخ سلطان عزيز : دراسة وصفية تقييمية

  • Enayatullah Adil PhD Scholar, Faculty of Usuluddin, Department of Dawah & Islamic Culture, International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Hidayat Ur Rahman Kafeel Assistant Professor, Faculty of Usuluddin, International Islamic University, Islamabad
Keywords: Aziz ul Al Taffasir, Shaykh Sultan Aziz, Pashto interpretation, methodology


This research paper highlights the Introduction to Aziz al- Tafasir and reviews scholarly contribution of Shaikh Sultan Aziz (1936-2013) in the field of exegesis. He is one of the famous Pashtun scholars who lived in the 20th century in Afghanistan. The cited work is the main contemporary exegetical work in the Pashto language which comprises of 13 volumes. This analytical study of interpretation focuses on deriving the true spirit of the message of Islam. The article sheds light on his biography as well and brings forth his phenomenal contribution in reforming Afghan society. Hereby an attempt is being made to offer a review of Aziz al-Tafseer through  descriptive mode of study and evaluation.

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Enayatullah Adil and Hidayat Ur Rahman Kafeel 2023. Introduction to the Tafsir (Exegesis) ’Aziz al-Tafaseer’ by Sheikh Sultan Aziz: A Descriptive and Evaluative Study. Al-Idah . 41, - 2 (Dec. 2023), 1 - 27. DOI: