Theological Intercession according to Christians (An Analytical Study)

الشفاعة اللاهوتية عند النصارى دراسة تحليلية

  • Mohammed Mustafa Al-Jadi Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Islamic Aqidah and Comparative Religions at the College of Usulu Al-deen at the Islamic University of Gaza- Palestine
Keywords: Intercession, Mediation, Holy Spirit, Saints, Christians.


This research is about the doctrine of the theological intercession of Christians whereby the meaning of mediation has been referred to and prayers have been requested to help those in need. The historical context of the theological intercession is thus explained beginning from primitive people through pagans to Jews and Christians. The conditions of the intercession of atonement were agreed upon from the necessity of believing in the righteousness of Christ, the giving of his blood, and the connection with the permanence of life, to gain his intercession, Then these types of theological intercession were mentioned as the Catholics, Protestants, and their respective denominations agreed on the penitential intercession, Protestants rejected the other intercessions proven by the Catholics, the intercession of the Holy Spirit, the saints, and the angels. These intercessions were evaluated by the Christians themselves later from Islāmic perspective too. Among the most prominent errors: Defective understanding of theological intercession, the creation of unconfirmed intercessions of Christ, and their contradiction to the concept of monotheism are discussed here in this article.

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